About Safe Driving Australia

The Most Revolutionary Change To Driver Education in 50 Years
Safe Driving Australia  is Australian owned and accredited by Road Safety Educators Australia, a globally leading driver education provider. @idrivesafety

Safe Driving Australia offer driver programs built and designed against world leading research, our suite of Driver Education Programs changes the paradigm in Australian learner driver training, all driver education is conducted in live and dynamic environments tailored to needs and history delivered by Australians only driver educators, using world leading curriculums containing 797 units of competency based education delivered in a coaching methodology with success measured against zero crash rates post training. Ask Charles about the Gold and Platinum programs where zero is achievable.


Our aim;

Drivers regardless of learning style can and should expect to drive injury fee if the training they receive is effective in managing risks, Not everyone will enjoy driving, But! they will enjoy driving crash free.

The Vision is an expression of the ethical imperative that

It can never be ethically acceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when moving within the road transport system

Our Staff



Mr Charles Frisch Winning award for best Road Safety Educator.

Mr Charles Frisch

Senior: Accredited by Road Safety Educators Australia  Learner / Seniors / Fleet / Disabilities / Instructor  DUI upgrade to DUE / Defensive driving Courses / Mentors / Community Bus driver courses/ Car/Bus

NDIS Provider

E-mail: charles@safedrivingaustralia.com

Phone: 0409 359 204




Craig Waters

Principal @ Road Safety Educators Australia


Craig Waters

Principal / Road Safety Educators Australia /Principal / Crash Scene Investigator /

E-mail: craig.waters@roadsafetyeducators.com.au
Phone: 0411 110 112


Mr Paul Delaney

Lead  / Road Safety Educators Australia /Level 1 and 2 /

Learners / Seniors / Disabilities / Defensive

NDIS Provider

E-mail: Paul Delaney
Phone: 0439 436 151